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Laura Slavin



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Laura is an experienced Realtor with over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. She can show you how to quit throwing away money on rent, add a sizable tax deduction and income tax benefits, gain additional space with a larger home, downsize to a smaller home to reduce monthly costs or maintenance, invest for the future for college tuition for the children or for yourself. Real Estate is a diverse industry that can provide what you need to make life the best it can be for you. So, if you are looking for your own private haven, remember “Find your haven with Slavin”.

Mike Slavin



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A resident of Johnston for almost 20 years, Mike spent nearly his entire life growing up in the Johnston community, playing sports, and ultimately graduating from Johnston High School. From there he went on to Grand View University with a scholarship to play golf and obtained a degree in Business Management with a minor in Real Estate. With his Mother (Laura Slavin) selling real estate for nearly 15 years in the Des Moines area, he spent a lot of his early days working for his Mom and learning the true real estate experience. Not only has his Mom been in real estate, it has been a family tradition for more than fifty years.